Political Science & International Relations.


Political Science & International Relations

The Political Science and International Relations Department engages students in the study of how people govern themselves—from the smallest communities to the international system. In the town meeting, the halls of Congress or the United Nations, the great political questions are the same—how to reconcile individual aspirations and community needs, freedom and equality, authority and justice, participation and power.

The department offers students a major in Political Science and another one in International Relations. We also offer minors in Political Science, International Relations and Law Justice and Society.

I knew this class would be challenging both emotionally and academically. I found myself looking forward to each assignment, each article, book and movie. It ignited within me a humanitarian, intellectual passion that gave birth to my thesis on the death penalty, and influenced my choice of law school. ”
Amberley Beye C’13
on Torture: Pain, Body and Truth

Academic Offerings

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Semesters in NYC

Students studying political science at Drew are encouraged to build upon what they learn in class by taking advantage of our NYC semesters focusing on the United Nations and Social Entrepreneurship.

Recent Outcomes

Political science majors are getting to work and to grad school. Here is a sampling of where some of our graduates are right now:

• International Trade Compliance Analyst at Pratt and Whitney
• Researcher at Thailand Development Research Institute
• Legal Assistant at American Immigration Council
• Pursing MA in Conflict Resolution at Georgetown University