Drew Theological School is proud of the vast achievements of our alums. Read on to learn more about the good work our community delivers.


Un-Tied Methodism, Hosted by the Dr. Ashley Boggan Dreff T’17

Why do Methodists use Welch’s grape juice for communion? What is with the cross and flame logo? Explore these questions and more as we examine the roots of the United Methodist Church (and it’s predecessor denominations) to understand why the UMC is the way that it is…and where it might be going. Dr. Ashley Boggan Dreff hosts this production of the General Commission on Archives and History of the UMC.

Peter McLellan T’19, Educational Analyst, Oxford College of Emory University, Featured Guest on The Digication Podcast

The Rev. Dr. William Barber II T’03 and Imam Saffet Catovic T’18 speak at the National Call For Moral Revival Rally at the US Capitol.
Poor, Low-income Americans Say to Congress: “I am the Cost of Cutting Build Back Better”


Here are just a few of the recent publications from some of our GDR alums.

  • Amy F. Davis Abdallah, Meaning in the Moment: How Rituals Help Us Move Through Joy, Pain, and Everything in Between (Brazos Press)
  • An Yountae, The Decolonial Abyss: Mysticism and Cosmpolitics from the Ruin (Fordham University Press)
  • Karen Bray, Grave Attending: A Political Theology for the Unredeemed (Fordham University Press)
  • Christy Cobb, Slavery, Gender, Truth, and Power in Luke-Acts and Other Ancient Narratives (Palgrave Macmillan)
  • Shelly Dennis, Edible Entanglements: On a Political Theology of Food (Wipf and Stock Publishers)
  • Ashley Boggan Dreff, Entangled: A History of American Methodism, Politics, and Sexuality (New Room Books)
  • Ericka Shawndricka Dunbar, Trafficking Hadassah: Collective Trauma, Cultural Memory, and Identity in the Book of Esther and in the African Diaspora (Routledge Focus)
  • Kathleen Gallagher Elkins, Mary, Mother of Martyrs: How Motherhood Became Self-Sacrifice in Early Christianity (Feminist Studies in Religion Books)
  • Sarah Emanuel, Humor, Resistance, and Jewish Cultural Persistence in the Book of Revelation: Roasting Rome (Cambridge University Press)
  • Arminta M. Fox, Paul Decentered: Reading 2 Corinthians with the Corinthian Women (Rowman & Littlefield)
  • Limina Grace Harmon (known previously as Jennifer Barry), Bishops in Flight: Exile and Displacement in Late Antiquity (University of California Press)
  • Krista E. Hughes, Dhawn B. Martin and Elaine Padilla, Ecological Solidarities: Mobilizing Faith and Justice for an Entangled World (Penn State University Press)
  • Sharon Jacobs, Reading Mary Alongside Indian Surrogate Mothers: Violent Love, Oppressive Liberation, and Infancy Narratives (Palgrave Macmillan)
  • Jennifer T. Kaalund, Reading Hebrews and 1 Peter with the African American Great Migration: Diaspora, Place and Identity (Bloomsbury)
  • Beatrice Marovich, Sister Death: Political Theologies for Living and Dying (Columbia University Press)
  • Peter Anthony Mena, Place and Identity in the Lives of Antony, Paul, and Mary of Egypt: Desert as Borderland (Palgrave Macmillan)
  • Michael Oliver, Deconstructing Undecidability: Derrida, Justice, and Religious Discourse (Rowman & Littlefield)
  • Stephanie Day Powell, Narrative Desire and the Book of Ruth (Bloomsbury)
  • L. Benjamin Rolsky, The Rise and Fall of the Religious Left: Politics, Television, and Popular Culture in the 1970s and Beyond (Columbia University Press)
  • Terra Schwerin Rowe, Of Modern Extraction: Experiments in Critical Petro-theology (T&T Clark)
  • Shannell T. Smith, The Woman Babylon and the Marks of Empire: Reading Revelation with a Postcolonial Womanist Hermeneutics of Ambiveilence (Fortress Press)
  • Leah R. Thomas, Just Care: Ethical Anti-Racist Pastoral Care with Women with Mental Illness (Rowman & Littlefield)
  • Jimmy Hoke, Feminism, Queerness, Affect, and Romans (SBL Press)
  • David E. Wiley III, Why Mark: The Politics of Resurrection in the First Gospel (CSS Publishing)

Alum Spotlights

Bishop Héctor A. Burgos-Núñez T’10
Named Bishop of Northeastern Jurisdictional Conference

Mayra Rivera T’01,’05
Serves as President of AAR

The Rev. Dr. Kimberly Holmes T’11,’17 and Robert Long T’10 
Colleagues at the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs

Jimmy Brooks T’17
Union County Social Service

Dr. Robert Paul Seesengood T’04
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Drew Theological School

Elaine Ellis Thomas T’21
Rector at All Saints Episcopal Parish in Hoboken, New Jersey

Pat Weikert T’99,’23
Palliative Care Chaplain at Nemours Children’s Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware

Carmen O’Shea T’23
Director of Plateau Camp and Retreat Center in the Pocono Mountains

Alexis Carter Thomas T’23
Consultant, Pastors for Normal People | Project Director, The Vinery

The Rev. Sarah Welch-Pomerantz T’10,’22
Pastor, Community Church, Cedar Grove, NJ

The Rev. Dr. Jason Coker T’09,’13
President, Together for Hope

Shawn Anglim T’99
Head Pastor, First Grace United Methodist Church, New Orleans

Dr. Ashley Boggan Dreff T’17
General Secretary of the General Commission of Archives and History

The Rev. Dr. Emma Jordan-Simpson T’09
President, Auburn Seminary

The Rev. Donna Olivia Owusu-Ansah T’10
Chaplain, JFK Medical Center | Associate Minister, New Hope Baptist Church

The Rev. Dr. Kevin D. Miller T’03,’08
Executive Director of Graduate Admissions, Drew University

Krysta Angelique Piper T’18, Master of Divinity
United States Army Reserves, CH (1LT) – Chaplain First Lieutenant

Teresita Matos-Post T’14
Executive Director, Beth-El Farmworker Ministry

The Rev. Rodney James Lynch T’14,’15
Pastor and Executive Director, Baptist Student Foundation at Purdue University

Boram Lim T’14, Master of Divinity
Staff Chaplain, Good Samaritan Hospital

The Rev. James Lee T’19
Lead Pastor, Wesley United Methodist Church

Nicole Kaufman T’15, Master of Divinity
Chaplain, Arbor View Senior Living Community

Olivia DiAgostino T’19
Transformation Program Coordinator, United Methodist Women