Drew Reaches Finals of Bloomberg Trading Challenge

7 teams present to market specialists in NYC.

April 2019 – Drew University was among just seven schools whose student teams reached the finals of the national Bloomberg Trading Challenge.

The schools emerged from a larger group of 266 that competed in a preliminary round of investing and trading. Drew finished second in that round. Ultimately, Christopher Newport University won, with Drew among the six runners-up, which included the University of Pennsylvania and Fordham University.

In the finals, seniors Julien Hryshko, Zelyn Kwok, Rob Paniti and Damien Robbins presented their investment strategy to a panel of Bloomberg market specialists at the company’s headquarters in New York City.

“One of the judges really liked that we included the supply chain analysis function on the Bloomberg Terminal as part of our research process,” said Kwok, an economics major and the team leader. “They said, ‘It is one of Mike Bloomberg’s favorite functions to use.'”

Each group began the challenge with a theoretical $1 million to invest and trade between February and April. They also received training and guidance from Bloomberg professionals.

“This experience is hands down a resumé booster, even if you’re not seeking a career in a finance-related field,” said Kwok. “It proves that we managed to take what we’ve learned in our classes or in Drew’s student-run investment fund and successfully apply it to the real world.”

“All in all, it sets you apart,” she added.

The team’s advisor, Professor of Economics Marc Tomljanovich, noted that the education that the students received at Drew “prepared them so well for this type of event, and they’ll be able to use this experience as a springboard to amazing careers.”

The achievement follows similar success at last year’s Trading Challenge at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, where Tomljanovich mentored a team of four students who reached the championship round.

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