Ryan and Laila: Welcome to #Drew23

Taken by science curriculum, small classes, proximity to NYC.

Ryan Money
Joseph A. Foran High School
Milford, Conn.

Why Drew?

“Drew was my top choice because it had an amazing science curriculum—one of the few that even had a biochemistry program, which I plan to major in—and made me feel welcome whenever I came on campus.”

About Ryan

Ryan excels in STEM, having taken AP classes in calculus, biology and chemistry at Joseph A. Foran. He also played two instruments in three bands and was captain of the tennis team. In his community, he made time to help kindergarteners through third-graders as a volunteer teacher’s aid.

Laila Serraj
Écoles Yassamine Route Immouzer
Fez, Morocco

Why Drew?

“I am somebody who values small classes and getting to know and develop bonds with my professors. Drew also has an award-winning biology department with many talented professors—an area in which I hope to major. Drew was an easy choice overall.”

About Laila

Laila shines in science and languages, and is proficient in French and Arabic. She also advocates for others, having organized a charity drive for an all-female orphanage and persuaded pharmacists to donate medicine to those in need. Finally, she’s passionate about cooking, traveling, spending time with her family and getting to know different cultures.

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