Drew President Receives Proclamation from Borough of Madison

MaryAnn Baenninger recognized for her service to Drew, Madison and beyond

June 2020 – Drew University President MaryAnn Baenninger was presented a proclamation from the Borough of Madison.

Madison Mayor Bob Conley bestowed President Baenninger with the proclamation during the borough’s June 8th virtual council meeting.

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Baenninger Holds Up Her Proclamation
Baenninger holds up her proclamation.

Conley, who has been Madison’s mayor since 2012, personally thanked Baenninger for their collaborative work to make both Madison and Drew better places. Noting President Baenninger’s leadership during Drew’s 150th anniversary in 2017, Conley observed the oddity that Drew is actually older than its 131-year old hometown.

In reading the official proclamation, Conley applauded that “expansion of innovative programs, increased visibility and enhancement of Drew University’s reputation as a global learning destination are just a few of the advancements accomplished during Baenninger’s tenure.”

President Baenninger was also lauded as “an asset to the community” for serving as co-chair of the Chief Executive Council for Madison.

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Mayor Conley Virtually Hands
Mayor Conley virtually hands off the proclamation.

In addition to her role as president of Drew, the proclamation noted her leadership as president of the College of Saint Benedict, chair of the Board of Directors of the Council of Independent Colleges, executive associate director with the Middle States Commission of Higher Education, and faculty roles at Philadelphia University, Washington College and The College of New Jersey.

After receiving a copy of the proclamation in a virtual handoff, President Baenninger thanked Conley and the borough for the honor and their support of Drew. She then noted her particular appreciation that the borough as a whole has “listened with their hearts” … “especially in a time when our black brothers and sisters need every single one of us to listen.”

“Our students are part of a very, very diverse community,” she added. “And it is so important that Madison talks the talk and walks the walk. The most important thank you I can give you for my time at Drew and in Madison is for your leadership in this sister and brotherhood toward our black siblings, because it is probably the most important issue that any of us will ever encounter.”

In closing, President Baenninger, whose last day at Drew is July 31, promised to keep the 2020 proclamation close by the one she received as incoming president in 2015.

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