TEDxDrewUniversity Reflects on “The Good of 2020”

Virtual event creates a place of community for Drew students

November 2020 – Drew University student clubs continue to thrive virtually by using innovative online gathering techniques and tools.

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Students posted replies to questions like "What is the most important lesson you have learned this year?" using Google Jamboards.

TEDxDrewUniversity, an independent student-run organization affiliated with the TED media organization, provided the Drew community with an inspiring event, “The Good of 2020,” leading up to Thanksgiving. The event encouraged students to connect and reflect on the year so far while incorporating fun trivia via Kahoot and introspective conversations via Google Jamboards and Zoom. 

Julia Pietro C’22, TEDxDrewUniversity’s marketing coordinator, discussed the event.

What was your main takeaway from the event?

It was about turning something small into something so meaningful. Taking an hour off my day to reflect on things that have impacted me this year—for the good and for the bad—and listening to others’ experiences helped me gain perspective and be thankful for my life and those around me. It was a great opportunity to build community and offer a safe space for people.

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Students named their favorite moments of 2020.

Was anything said during the event that inspired you?

What inspired me the most was how people were sharing personal hardships and experiences simply because they felt vulnerable and comfortable doing so. 

Do you have any advice for staying positive during this tough time?

Build and find who and what your support system is—it can consist of friends, family, acquaintances, or even art of some kind, like music, TV shows, movies—while also prioritizing your needs and what your body is telling you both mentally and physically. This year is for introspection and change. Give yourself time to be human while balancing your responsibilities, whether academic, professional, or interpersonal. It’s hard, but we need to be easy on ourselves. This year has been a lot but it can teach us a lot. We’re all in this together.

Story by Morgan Alley C’22. Photos from the @tedxdrewuniversity Instagram account.

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