With Faculty Support, Nevaeh Warren C’23 is Set to Explore London

Warren will participate in Drew University’s London Semester in her senior year

June 2022 – First-generation college student Nevaeh Warren C’23 had her eyes on Drew University’s study abroad programs since she first applied.

A bit worried she’d miss out on the opportunity to due the COVID-19 pandemic, Warren was excited to learn the London Semester would take place the fall of her senior year. With the help of two professors, Warren is set to fly.

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'My experience here so far has been nothing short of amazing. Aside from its beauty, some of my favorite aspects of Drew are the small class sizes. It helps me get to know my professors and peers better.'

“This whole experience truly showed me that there are a lot of professors here who care about not only students’ academic success but also their holistic development,” said Warren, who is currently working at Pfizer as a DE&I intern.

Warren, a sociology major and a business and Pan African studies double minor, talked about studying abroad in an advising meeting with Susan Rakosi Rosenbloom, associate professor of sociology, who found room in the London Semester cohort to get the ball rolling.

Next up was Chris Andrews, associate professor and chair of sociology and co-director of the business program, who Warren first met when touring Drew’s campus as a high schooler and has since become a key mentor. He pitched in to help Warren with expedited passport and application logistics.

“Nevaeh encapsulates a lot of what Drew is working to support—a first-generation college student and Educational Opportunity Scholar (EOS) with strong grades and academic promise,” said Andrews.

“Aside from being extremely helpful when it comes to the London Semester, Prof. Andrews gives me amazing advice on navigating career opportunities and furthering education,” said Warren.

While in London, Warren will take a sociology course to count toward her major, and take part in a research colloquium for her Pan African studies minor.

“I will be able to learn about my studies in a whole new context. I have only read about perspectives outside of the U.S., and the London Semester will allow me to get this kind of perspective first hand,” she said.

Warren already has eyes on what’s next after graduating in May 2023, with plans on pursuing graduate school.

“Professors and mentors have supported me by connecting me with people they know, assisting with mock interviews to prepare me for the real thing, resume reviews, and, honestly, just by believing in me, offering words of encouragement. I am so grateful to have a group of people who want to see me succeed.”

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