Combining Drew University’s Liberal Arts Education With a Degree in Engineering

The Dual-Degree partnership with Washington University does just that

August 2023 – Drew University’s Dual-Degree in Engineering with Washington University in St. Louis provides students with the opportunity to gain the balance of a liberal arts education coupled with an engineering degree. 

The partnership with Washington University allows students to obtain a bachelor degree at Drew and proceed to Washington University to earn a Bachelor of Science and/or a master’s in engineering.

This program is ideal for students who want a liberal arts education and an engineering degree. Students seeking a master’s in engineering will spend three or four years at Drew and then enroll at Washington University at the end of their junior year for two additional years of study. 

“The Dual-Degree program is an attractive alternative to traditional engineering degrees,” said Dean Ryan Hinrichs. “Students are able to benefit from Drew’s liberal arts curriculum and apply the learnings to their engineering studies. Graduates will enter the workforce with a well-rounded and unique education experience.” 

The Dual-Degree has gained popularity with Drew students and recent alums. Qiqi Li C’24, Chuhan Qiao C’24, Ayub Shifa C’24, and Karima Shifa C’23 are currently enrolled in the program.

Students may also earn an engineering master’s degree in addition to the undergraduate engineering and liberal arts degrees by enrolling in a graduate three-year option.

“I was able to earn my chemistry degree at Drew and will be on an expedited track to earn two more degrees in chemical engineering at another fabulous institution,” said Karima.

Two Drew alums graduated in 2023, each earning three degrees in total through the program: Kaitang Hu C’19 with a BS in Mathematics from Drew and a BS in Systems Science and Engineering and MS in Systems Science and Mathematics from Washington University, and Kaijun Xu C’20 with a BS in Mathematics from Drew, and a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a MS in Mechanical Engineering from Washington University.

Students may apply to the program during the fall semester of their junior or senior year at Drew.


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