Drew University Students Shine in Bloomberg Trading Challenge 2023

Matthew Agudelo C’24 and Luis Enrique Lopez Rios C’24 used campus resource and club experience

January 2024 – Two Drew University finance students made their mark in the 2023 Bloomberg Global Trading Challenge.

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Lopez Rios (left) and Agudelo

Matthew Agudelo C’24 and Luis Enrique Lopez Rios C’24 ended the program in the top 50 among North American groups in a record-breaking field that featured more than 10,000 contestants.

The Bloomberg Trading Challenging, a prestigious annual event that attracts the brightest students worldwide, tests participants’ trading skills in a high-stakes, real-world simulation.

The two senior finance majors credited their success to rigorous preparation, teamwork, and the exceptional guidance they received from their Drew professors.

“We spent countless hours analyzing market trends, developing strategies, and refining our traditional skills,” said Rios.

“It was a challenging yet rewarding experience, but having the Bloomberg Trading Lab on campus was a big differentiator,” added Agudelo.

The two also leaned on their experience leading Drew’s The Fund, the largest student club on campus that allows students to truly manage a five-figure equities portfolio.

With support and experience, over the course of the month-long challenge, Agudelo and Lopez Rios achieved a profit of more than $47,000 from the initial investment of $1,000,000.

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