Subject Collection Librarians

Program Liaison Contact
Anthropology Kathy Juliano
Art History Candace Reilly
Art Studio Candace Reilly
Asian Studies Kathy Juliano
Biology (including Forestry and Nutrition) Margery Ashmun
Business Studies (including Master of Finance, Accounting, and Marketing) Kathy Juliano
Chemistry Margery Ashmun
Classics Jesse Mann
Computer Science, Cyber Security, and Data Analytics Guy Dobson
Economics Kathy Juliano
Education (Master of Arts in Teaching) Margery Ashmun
English Kathy Juliano
Environmental Science Margery Asmun
French Jesse Mann
German Matthew Beland
History Matthew Beland
Italian Jesse Mann
Latin American Studies Jesse Mann
Math Guy Dobson
Media and Communications Kathy Juliano
Medical Humanities Margery Ashmun
Methodism Alex Parrish
Middle East Studies Jesse Mann
Music Guy Dobson
Neuroscience Margery Ashmun
Pan African Studies Kathy Juliano
Philosophy Jesse Mann
Physics Margery Ashmun
Political Science Kathy Juliano
Psychology Kathy Juliano
Public Health (including Medicine and Nursing) Margery Ashmun
Religious and Theological Studies Jesse Mann
Russian Kathy Juliano
Sociology Kathy Juliano
Spanish Jesse Mann
Theater Arts Kathy Juliano
Women’s Studies Kathy Juliano