The Music Department has an active Instrumental Studies program, providing students, faculty, staff, and community members with a variety of opportunities to perform instrumental music at Drew:

  • Orchestra (MUS 222): The University Orchestra welcomes student instrumentalists as well as members of the community, and is under the direction of Prof. Michael Avagliano.
  • Flute Ensemble (MUS 225): The Flute Ensemble welcomes student flutists as well as members of the community, and is under the direction of Prof. Diana Reilly.
  • Jazz Ensemble (MUS 226): The Jazz Ensemble welcomes pianists, percussionists, guitarists, and other instrumentalists from the Drew community and surrounding areas, and is under the direction of Prof. Randal Ingram.
  • Chamber Music (MUS 229): Opportunities to perform chamber music are offered through the Jill Spurr Titus Chamber Music program under the direction of Prof. David Iskowitz.

Private Instrumental Lessons (MUS 111-116, 326-331)

Students also have the option of taking lessons on any instrument with one of our several private instructors. A fee will be assessed for all students enrolled in private instruction. See our Private Lessons page for more information on registering for private instruction.


Audition and placement requirements vary with each instrumental ensemble. For more information on requirements and procedures, contact the specific instructor of each ensemble.


Ensembles and private lessons are courses, which means that all undergraduate students must register in order to participate. Variable credit options are offered (0, 1, or 2 credits), to provide students with the flexibility to fit ensembles or lessons into their schedules without causing credit overloads. Expectations for attendance and participation apply to all participants, regardless of the number of credits for which they are registered.

Performance Opportunities

Students involved in instrumental activities at Drew have several opportunities to perform in our world-class Concert Hall:

  • Department’s Works-in-Progress Concerts, held several times per semester
  • Performances with Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble, Flute Ensemble, Chamber Music, or choral ensembles
  • Junior or Senior Recitals