Launch is the only-at-Drew, all-about-you career development platform.

Launch helps you synthesize your experiences, document your successes, and chart a meaningful course. It’s big on mentorship, overflowing with opportunities. And everything you need to propel yourself into a truly (Drewly) amazing life.

Launch brings together four things: rigorous academics, networked mentorship, purposeful experiences, and a powerful community. What does that mean?  Well, for one, your classes push you to be present and to actively connect what you’re learning with where you want your career to go. For another, you have an incredible network of support – not just faculty mentors (who are there to advise, inspire, and challenge you), but also career, peer and alumni mentors. And that’s huge: it means you leave Drew prepared for a world in which 85% of jobs are filled through networking.

You’ll also rack up at least two fully immersive, resume-ready experiences before you graduate. We guarantee it. Think internships, high-level research, and volunteer work that makes a real, measurable difference. And you do it all in a community that has your back and is rooting for your success.